Deliver the right message at every stage of the
customer journey with built-in triggers:

Abandoned cart email journey.

Convert 15%+ of abandoned carts into customers

Convert this high intent audience into customers with segmented, multi-stage abandonment journeys.

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Browse abandonment email journey.

Convert 10%+ of window shoppers into customers

Identify product page abandoners and send personalized, multi-stage browse abandonment journeys.

New subscriber activation journey.

Activate new subscribers and drive first purchase

Deliver perfectly executed welcome series that roll out the red carpet for new subscribers and prime them for their first purchase.

Price drop triggered journey.

Connect purchase intent with price change events

Automatically send price drop alerts to the customers who are most likely to act on them.

Win back email journey

Use purchase data to prevent customer churn

Recognize and react to churn signals - using your customer data to deliver an offer at the perfect moment.

Cross sell email automation.

Drive repeat purchase and increase LTV

Trigger post purchase journeys that automatically recommend a perfect set of complementary items.

Automated email journey for VIP customers.

Recognize and retain your best customers

Trigger special offers for your best customers when they cross thresholds for total spend, purchase frequency, or RFM score.

Triggered birthday email

Never forget a customer’s birthday

Trigger based on customer milestones to increase loyalty and drive conversion.

Predictive replenishment journey.

Predict when it’s time to reorder

Trigger perfectly timed reorder emails when a customer is about to run out of a consumable SKU.

Subscriber retention journey.

Retain high value subscribers

Trigger based on subscriber lifetime milestones, renewal dates, new subscription events, cancellation and more.