Deliver the right message at every stage of the
customer journey with built-in triggers:

Abandoned cart email journey.

Convert 15%+ of abandoned carts into customers

Convert this high intent audience into customers with segmented, multi-stage abandonment journeys.

Learn more about our cart abandonment features →

Browse abandonment email journey.

Convert 10%+ of window shoppers into customers

Identify product page abandoners and send personalized, multi-stage browse abandonment journeys.

New subscriber activation journey.

Activate new subscribers and drive first purchase

Deliver perfectly executed welcome series that roll out the red carpet for new subscribers and prime them for their first purchase.

Price drop triggered journey.

Connect purchase intent with price change events

Automatically send price drop alerts to the customers who are most likely to act on them.

Win back email journey

Use purchase data to prevent customer churn

Recognize and react to churn signals - using your customer data to deliver an offer at the perfect moment.

Cross sell email automation.

Drive repeat purchase and increase LTV

Trigger post purchase journeys that automatically recommend a perfect set of complementary items.

Automated email journey for VIP customers.

Recognize and retain your best customers

Trigger special offers for your best customers when they cross thresholds for total spend, purchase frequency, or RFM score.

Triggered birthday email

Never forget a customer’s birthday

Trigger based on customer milestones to increase loyalty and drive conversion.

Predictive replenishment journey.

Predict when it’s time to reorder

Trigger perfectly timed reorder emails when a customer is about to run out of a consumable SKU.

Subscriber retention journey.

Retain high value subscribers

Trigger based on subscriber lifetime milestones, renewal dates, new subscription events, cancellation and more.

Drag and drop your most complex marketing automation ideas into reality

Map every touchpoint of your customer journey using our intuitive visual journey builder.

  • Use built-in or custom triggers
  • A/B test emails & branches
  • Make true/false decisions
  • Use custom wait conditions
  • Segment your audience
  • Inbound/outbound webhooks
  • Fork or split branches
  • Add and remove tags
Rejoiner's journey builder.
Ecommerce segment builder.

Find the exact customers you're looking for with segments

Use our intuitive segment builder to assemble the perfect group of customers—no matter what your criteria are. Dynamic segments ensure that things are kept up-to-date automatically.

Segment based on:

  • Purchase history
  • On-site browsing behavior
  • Email engagement
  • Custom list fields
  • Customer demographics
  • RFM scoring
  • Partner data
  • Custom metadata

Use segments for:

  • Targeting
  • Exclusion
  • Triggering journeys
  • Sunsetting
  • Ad audience sync
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Live Chat

Have a question about the platform? Real humans standing by 24x7.

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Capable folks answer the phone M-F from 9-5 EST.

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Contextual User Guide

Find the right product docs - wherever you are in the platform.

A drag-n-drop email builder that
your team will ❤️

Anyone on your can team can build sophisticated, on-brand emails that will render perfectly on any device.

Global snippets

Create reusable blocks for common template elements and use them across the channel.

Dynamic content

Pre-built components enable personalized recommendations based on purchase history and browsing data.


Inject catalog top sellers, new products, complementary products, and more.

Mobile optimized

All of your emails will render perfectly across mobile & desktop.

The Rejoiner drag and drop email editor.

Stay out of the SPAM folder

Things are better (and more profitable) in the inbox. Our built-in deliverability tools help you maintain a solid email sender reputation.
Custom sending domain icon

Custom sending domains

Send authenticated email from any domain or subdomain.

Dedicated IP icon

Dedicated IPs

High-volume senders can quickly spin up dedicated sending infrastructure.

Email authentication icon.

Email authentication

Authenticate your Rejoiner emails with SPF, DKIM & DMARC.

Frequency capping icon

Frequency capping

Control daily send caps by trigger or customer.

List unsubscribe icon

Reputation monitoring

Track the health of your domain reputation and sending infrastructure using Google Postmaster Tools and other ISP feedback loops.

Email validation icon.

Automated email validation

Validate incoming email addresses in real-time to prevent bots, spam traps and grey lists from joining your list.

Inactive sunsetting icon.

Automated sunsetting

Prune inactive subscribers out of your list using custom rules unique to your business model.

Email preference center icon.

Preference center

Enable subscribers to curate their own experience with content or frequency preferences.

Email A/B testing

No more guessing—test your way to revenue growth

Find the perfect email with our suite of testing tools. Run A/B tests in individual emails, entire journey branches, or broadcasts.

Split tests

Send two variations of an email to your audience to find out which one performs better.

Delayed tests

Send a test to a small percentage of your audience, wait, then send the winner to everyone else.

Build custom revenue reports and always know what’s working

Get answers to your revenue attribution questions effortlessly (especially when your boss asks).

Google Analytics tagging

Never forget to tag a campaign with UTMs again. Easily override the default tagging structure.

Custom attribution model

Configure custom attribution windows based on click-through, view-through, and lookback window.

Custom reports

Build custom reporting views with the metrics you care about.

Revenue transparency

Tie attributable revenue and engagement back to specific customers.

Revenue reporting
Email marketing stress reducers

Take the stress out of pushing ‘send’

Confidently send newsletters, promotions and content to your audience to build trust and drive conversions.

Automated resends

Build re-sends into every broadcast to drive incremental revenue from a single piece of creative.


Never worry about sending to the same customer twice if combining multiple segments or lists.

Pre-flight check

Verify your audience size, send times, subject lines & preheaders prior to send.

Test sends

Easily send your team test emails to QA prior to production launch.

Join a growing ecosystem of fully integrated technology partners

Our mission is to create a single system of record for the customer, and that means integrating with other best-in-class eCommerce tools.


Shopify Plus
Magento 2

Lead capture






Direct mail


Paid audiences

Google Ads
Facebook Ads



Rejoiner integrations

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