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Peak Design

Email marketing features that make your most complex  segments and automated customer journeys a breeze

Design every touchpoint of your customer journey using an intuitive drag and drop journey builder.


Combine purchase history, browsing behavior, marketing interactions, in-store, and catalog data to build a complete picture of every customer.

Customer profiles

Use our intuitive segment builder to assemble the perfect group of customers—no matter what your criteria are.


Find the perfect email with our suite of testing tools. Run A/B tests in individual emails, entire journey branches, or broadcasts.

A/B Testing

Easily populate email content blocks with personalized recommendations, browse data, cart data and more.

Email Personalization

Build beautiful email that will render perfectly on any device. All without knowing a line of HTML or CSS.

Email Builders

Highly customizable reports the tie all of your email marketing efforts back to revenue.

Revenue Reporting

Rejoiner already integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce platform and the other tools you use.


20 time-consuming email marketing headaches
you can eliminate today:

  1.  Writing subject line and preheader copy

  2.  Futzing with a clunky email builder

  3.  Tracking down content & photography

  4.  Designing promotional broadcasts

  5.  Coding emails so they render well on mobile

  6.  QAing broken links & typos

  7.  Waiting 4 days for a reply from customer support

  8.  Setting up and delivering resends

  9.  Building out new automated journeys

10.  Investigating deliverability issues

11.  Measuring the performance of A/B tests

12.  Deciphering SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI

13.  Trying to avoid the promotions tab

14.  Repairing reputation when problems occur

15.  Worrying about leaked discount codes

16.  Reconciling revenue in Google Analytics

17.  Testing new list growth strategies

18.  Chasing freelancers to get emails done

19.  Sunsetting inactive subscribers

20. Worrying about GDPR, CCPA, CASL or CAN-SPAM

Give us a few bullet points about your brand and we'll give you an email channel that generates 30% of total revenue

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Ecommerce Emails
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