Unlock the full potential of your email list

  • Automate your ecommerce marketing️
  • Orchestrate email, text and direct mail
  • Build advanced customer segments
  • Use email overlays to grow your list
  • Unify your customer data in one place
  • Outsource email marketing to our experts
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Automation is driving more email revenue than ever before.
We're sending email that lives up to our brand.
We're confident our emails are hitting the inbox.
We're growing our list of engaged subscribers.
We're using our data to segment effectively.

In the last 12 months, Rejoiner clients generated $63M+ in attributable email revenue

$63,080,224 to be exact.
Updated 12/5/2023
in email revenue per year
over the last 5 years

We had been using Mailchimp and were not getting the personalized attention we needed to take our business to the next level. In addition, Rejoiner set us up with automated email for the first time and it represented a huge lift for our business.

Paul Benegiri Case Study
Michael Kmet
Director Sales and Ecommerce
in email revenue per year
over the last 6 years

Rejoiner is helping us grow our email database, building out dynamic journeys to easily retarget browsers / consumers, making our email comms a key driver of onsite traffic with minimal effort required from our small team.

Paul Benegiri Case Study
Emma Northfield
Director of Ecommerce
in email revenue per year
over the last 6 years

Our email channel has grown significantly since we started working with Rejoiner. Email-attributable revenue is up approximately 80% YoY. Nearly our whole email program—including regular broadcasts and automated campaigns are handled by the Rejoiner team.

Paul Benegiri Case Study
Hillary Frei
VP of Marketing
in email revenue per year
over the last 3 years

Above all, the reason I chose Rejoiner is the customization... Anytime I've run into any trouble or needed help they've been there to assist us. I've worked with a lot of ESPs where you have to deal with dozens of people to get any help, that has not been the case with Rejoiner. It’s what sets them apart rom the other 10 services we looked at.

Paul Benegiri Case Study
Eli Cassis
Sr. Manager Digital Marketing
in email revenue per year
over the last 5 years

Rejoiner is super responsive, super hands on, always willing to work with us to find solutions when there isn't one out of the box… That is something, especially for bigger marketing vendors, that is completely unfathomable.

Paul Benegiri Case Study
Adam Saraceno
VP of Marketing

Keep customers as customers, for longer

Email Marketing

With automation and segmentation, turn every email into a revenue opportunity.

Text Messaging

Connect deeply with customers and drive revenue with two-way text messaging.


Trigger physical mail based on digital signs of purchase intent.

On-site Email Overlays

Maximize your rate of turning anonymous visitors into email subscribers.

Professional Services

Tailored expert guidance for your business goals. Trust our email professionals to boost your revenue from strategy to execution.

"Easier to use, better support, and easier to integrate." - G2 User Ratings

Ease of Use
Email Marketing
Average: 8.7
Quality of Support
Email Marketing
Average: 8.5
Ease of Setup
Email Marketing
Average: 8.5

Lean marketing teams are stretched thin.

Rejoiner maximizes your small team's impact on customer retention.

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to optimize their email channel. That means money is left on the table and the channel underperforms its potential.

Rejoiner gets you the most out of your email marketing — by having a team of on-demand experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Within hours of getting started, we integrate with your ecommerce platform. Then, we’ll migrate contacts from your current ESP. Within a week, we’ll have set up your first automated journey. Then, we’ll monitor, test, and partner with you to drive performance long term.

Don't let revenue slip away.

Our tailored approach, backed by a decade of experience and data insights from over 500 ecommerce brands, ensures you tap into the full potential of your email list.

“We’ve gained back 30,000 direct visitors to our site.”
“The work that their design folks did was unbelievable.”
“Easy integration and
more revenue!”
“They're really good at accepting the ball and owning it...makes my life 100% easier.”

The difference with Rejoiner?

We solve the operational challenges that prevent you from maximizing your email marketing.

Maximized email marketing can drastically impact your bottom line.

However, leveraging its full potential often means overcoming challenges like:

  • Training yourself on new software to DIY
  • Dedicating full-time employees
  • Learning from years of testing and failure
  • Contracting an expensive agency

Rejoiner enables you to bypass these hurdles from day one.

You get all of this immediately.

  • Technology: Power your entire email channel (text & direct mail, too) with the Rejoiner platform.
  • Strategy: Choose the right opportunities to focus on based on your unique business situation.
  • Creative: Work with master email designers, developers and copywriters who have delivered thousands of email campaigns for your brands like yours.
  • Confidence: We know what works because we have 11+ years of data telling us which email copy, designs, and segmentation drive your particular product the most revenue.

Already have an in-house team to manage your email marketing?

No problem. We offer a self-service version of Rejoiner for brands like yours. And we’ll train your staff to use the platform effectively.

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Yes, we offer a native connector for your ecommerce platform

We have native
connectors for:


Shopify Plus


Magento 2








To track important
events like:

  • Pageviews

  • Product views

  • Add to carts

  • Abandoned carts

  • List subscriptions

  • Exit intent

  • Conversions

  • Order shipped

  • Order fulfilled

  • Order arrived

And customer
properties like:

  • Lifetime value

  • Purchase count

  • Geo-location

  • Timezone

  • Coupon code usage

  • Last purchase

  • Last page view

  • Preferences

  • RFM percentiles

"But, I already have an ESP.
Why should I switch?"

This is a fundamentally better experience than you’ve ever had with alternatives.

1. Unlimited Emails
Say goodbye to unexpected price hikes and send limits. Rejoiner provides unlimited emails at every pricing tier.

2. All-in-One Marketing Automation
Manage emails, texts, and postcards seamlessly on a single platform integrated with your customer data.

3. Professional Services On-Demand
Delegate your daily email marketing tasks to our team of seasoned professionals.

4. Exceptional Support, Rated 9.9/10 on G2
Experience unparalleled support with Rejoiner, where every client receives top-tier service and access to email experts, irrespective of their size. Email our CEO anytime. He'll respond personally.

5. Independently Owned for 11 Profitable Years
As a self-funded company, our loyalty lies with our customers, not shareholders or investors.