Why Leading Brands Are Switching from Mailchimp to Rejoiner

Mike Arsenault
September 19, 2023
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When it comes to successful email marketing, businesses need more than just a platform. They need a partner who understands their unique challenges and can provide tailored solutions.

The Challenge of Scaling Email Marketing with Mailchimp

One of our esteemed clients (who chose to remain anonymous) shared their journey with us. 

Their initial use of Mailchimp seemed promising. However, as their subscriber base grew, reaching 200,000 subscribers, and their segmentation needs became more complex, cracks began to show:

  • Limited Segmentation: Advanced segmentation was almost impossible without tedious, repetitive manual tagging of subscribers.

  • Frustrating Bounce Rates: They experienced an alarming 85% bounce rate on one campaign, raising serious concerns about deliverability.
  • Support Hurdles: Endless circles with Mailchimp’s chat support led to generic responses and no real solutions to deliverability issues.
"Mailchimp's 'big box' approach tried to fit all, but in our experience, it missed the mark. The limited features stifled our growth and understanding of our audience," shared the client.

Personalized Email Marketing with Rejoiner

Tired of the limitations and in search of a solution tailored to their needs, the client began scouting for a new Email Service Provider (ESP). Many presented solutions, but it was Rejoiner that stood out.


Expert Consultation from Start: Unlike other ESPs where salespeople dominate initial calls, Rejoiner provided expert consultation from the outset. 

The client stated, "Rejoiner wasn't just another ESP. Every team member was knowledgeable and focused on solutions tailored for us, not generic answers."

From Frustration to Flourishing: Our Client’s Journey with Rejoiner

Transitioning ESPs can be daunting, but with Rejoiner, the process was seamless:

  • Addressing Deliverability: Rejoiner prioritized domain warming and proper email authentication deployment, ensuring emails reached their intended recipients.
  • Tailored Master Templates: Every email campaign was an opportunity to connect with the audience, made possible with bespoke template design. Now anyone the client’s team can build beautiful, on-brand emails whether they are technincal or not.
  • Dynamic Segmentation: Automating segmentation meant no more manual tagging. Targeting the right audiences became intuitive and efficient.
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Beyond Just Email: The Rejoiner Difference

Since the switch:

  • Enhanced Deliverability: No more deliverability woes. Bounce rates are well below a healthy threshold of 0.025% per send.

  • Trusted Partnerships: "With Rejoiner, we have consistent support. Unlike our past experience of constantly changing account managers, now, we have a dedicated expert always ready to help," the client said.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Advanced A/B testing capabilities and in-depth reporting mean every email campaign is optimized for success.
"Our journey with Rejoiner has transformed our email marketing. Their tools, combined with an unmatched support system, empower us to forge deeper connections with our audience," the client added.

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Mike Arsenault

Founder & CEO

For the last 10 years, Mike has worked with brands like Moosejaw, Hydroflask, Peak Design, Triumph, Hearst & Guthy Renker to provide the strategy & technology with which they use email to drive revenue growth. He's also the Founder of Rejoiner, a SaaS marketing platform built for ecommerce businesses.

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