Since partnering with Rejoiner, email has become Triumph's top source of last-click revenue, increasing by 33%


Alana Jones, the Senior Brand Marketing Manager for Triumph in Australia and New Zealand, was looking to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates in 2017 when she was recommended Rejoiner.

In the initial stages, our Dev agency recommended the Rejoiner team and services for triggered campaigns relating to Cart Abandonment. We engaged the team to provide the services of behavioural automations, to reduce cart abandonment and increase our interaction/touchpoints with engaged users and increase CVR.


After being selected by Triumph, Rejoiner was able to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates. Due to this success, Rejoiner was asked to take over Triumph AU/NZ’s entire email channel and helped to make email the top source of last-click revenue with an increase of 33%.

Rejoiner has since taken over 5 additional international markets for Triumph, and made email a #1 or #2 revenue driver for each of these e-commerce business units with a 30X ROI.

Rejoiner's team has been key in optimizing our email marketing channels. They're experts in their fields and knowledgeable in developing innovative strategies and implementation. They've increased triggered automation, developed tailored strategies for customer segments, and provided copy. As a result, email has become the company's top source of last-click revenue, increasing by nearly 40%.

And despite the difference in time zones, Jones says the communication with Rejoiner has been flawless.

The timeliness of the team is amazing. We connect fortnightly via a call to track objectives, review performance and plan strategies. All other communications are seamless. What is great about the team at Rejoiner is that their support is guaranteed.

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