In less than six months, Rejoiner increased Momentous’ abandoned cart conversions have increased by more than 62.5%


Momentous’ Director of Marketing, Sarah Hendershot was in charge of searching for a new email service provider in 2019 when she found Rejoiner. During Momentous’ search for a new ESP, Hendershot spoke with a number of potential partners, but after several calls with Rejoiner, she was sold.

We selected Rejoiner based on the feedback we heard from other Rejoiner clients as well as great online reviews. After taking several informational and demo calls from other services, we were the most excited about Rejoiner's team, their responsiveness, and hands-on approach, as well as their ability to be agile and take our feedback as they develop new iterations and advancements in their platform.


Once selected, Rejoiner got to work on an email marketing strategy for Momentous based on their goals.

We wanted to tackle two categories: low-hanging fruit and more complex segmentation. We wanted to make sure we weren't losing out on converting customers who were already interested in making a purchase from us, while also targeting those who needed more touchpoints from our brand before becoming a likely customer.

Over the next two months, Rejoiner’s team helped with onboarding, transferring Momentous’ existing email program to Rejoiner, and training Momentous’ internal team on how to use the platform.

During that time, we improved our identification process, abandoned cart strategy, post-purchase email sequence, and ongoing newsletter template. Since then, we've been managing the Rejoiner platform on our own, while still being able to reach out to the Rejoiner team when anything arises that we need support on. I receive responses from them on my inquiries within the hour (and usually much faster). They're also always willing to hop on the phone and answer questions.

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Who is Momentous?

Momentous is an online retailer who specializes in premium sports nutrition supplements.

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