In 2019, Rejoiner's emails alone accounted for $1 million–$2 million in direct sales lift, and 18X ROI. All while garnering remarkable customer engagement.


Peak Design’s CMO, Adam Saraceno was looking to increase website revenue by reaching out to website visitors who abandoned their carts in 2014 when he started working with Rejoiner.

When we started, we were looking to increase website revenue through abandoned cart email marketing. As time went on, we worked with Rejoiner to greatly expand our post-purchase email strategy with a number of different campaigns and journeys.


Over the past 6 years, Rejoiner has helped Peak Design grow their email revenue exponentially, seeing email as a top 3 revenue producer, with a 26.32% compound annual growth rate, and 18X ROI.

In 2019 alone, our Rejoiner email campaigns brought in over half a million dollars in last-click website revenue. Factor in view-through revenue and generally increased customer engagement, and we estimate that last year Rejoiner's campaigns were responsible for between $1-$2 million dollars in direct sales lift.

Saraceno is extremely happy with the customer engagement from Rejoiner’s email and says:

While a lot of this success is attributable to our brand and products, it wouldn't be possible without Rejoiner's reliable service and strategic consulting. Plus, the degree to which Rejoiner's tools and capabilities have grown over the years is impressive. They continue to invest in their product and software. They continue to grow, yet they continue to provide a super close-knit level of service.

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Peak Design

San Francisco, California

Who is Peak Design?

Peak Design is a high-end product design company specializing in backpacks, bags, and photography gear.

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