Increase response rates with direct mail informed by customer data

Automated campaigns can achieve significantly higher response rates than traditional direct mail, thanks to our ability to trigger sends using browsing signals, recency segmentation and historical purchase data.

Profitability is greatly increased by not marketing to customers who are unlikely to respond.

Design, printing & fulfillment are done-for-you

Work with our full-service design team to create beautiful, on-brand direct mail pieces. Choose from a variety of paper stocks, sizes, and formats that align perfectly with your brand standards.

Market to segments of your customer file that were previously unreachable

A significant percentage of your customer file isn’t opted-in for email or SMS. And even the customers who are may only engage 20-30% of the time.

Deliver timely direct mail pieces to customers you can’t reach via digital marketing channels. Use built-in address verification tools to make sure your postcards reach their intended audience.

Measure revenue incrementality with hold out testing

What would customers have done had you not marketed to them? Did we actually alter customer behavior from what would have happened anyway?

That’s where hold out testing comes in.

Rejoiner helps you answer these important questions in order to gauge the true incremental return of your postcard marketing efforts.

Get product samples into the hands of your future customers

Automate the delivery of sample packs to prospects demonstrating a strong interest in your products.

Direct mail + email are better together

Customer attention is precious. That’s why you need one system of record for your customer data and the ability to control your email and direct mail programs from a single platform.

With Rejoiner, you can easily segment your customers, prioritize channels, send hyper-personalized messages, and track engagement all in one place.

Our team thinks about direct mail all day, every day, so you don’t have to.

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