Revenue earned from email has increased by 36%


In 2017, Mother Dirt’s Editorial Director, Tina Adoniou, was looking for growth in retention and revenue when she found Rejoiner.

There's a lot of companies out there with great technological offerings, but we needed more than technology. We needed support. Rejoiner services are truly an extension of the Mother Dirt team. They are proactive and know that if we're successful, they're successful.


After a long vetting process, Mother Dirt chose Rejoiner to power its entire email channel spanning lifecycle automations and their newsletter campaigns.

Rejoiner has helped me a great deal with setting up email templates for my broadcasts, and strategizing email journeys for new and existing customers and doing the creative and coding for them as well. It's an ongoing process where now we're iterating and adding more sophisticated layers to these journeys.

No partnership is successful without good communication, and working closely with the Rejoiner team has been a highlight for Mother Dirt.

Their crew is always available. If I need something that requires immediate attention, they're such a tight-knit team that they chip in and help if the specific person I need isn't available. My needs are always taken care of, and they're very proactive. I couldn’t be happier with their availability and the overall workflow.

Since 2017, Mother Dirt’s email revenue has grown by 36% and Mother Dirt has Rejoiner’s in-house team of email experts to thank.

I get to work with designers, developers, account management, and the owner of the company. Every single person in that company is as invested in the customer's success as the owner of the company. They have all have such strong work ethics. They're an amazing team of people.

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Mother Dirt

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Who is Mother Dirt?

Mother Dirt is an online retailer that creates personal care products that restore and maintain the delicate balance of the skin biome.

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