After choosing Rejoiner to build and manage their email channel in 2018, email now makes up 30% of H.V.M.N.’s total revenue


In 2018, H.V.M.N was looking to build their email channel but didn't have the resources or expertise to do so in-house.

Creating, developing and sending email is extremely complex and time-intensive, not to mention all the analytics that need reporting for all those senses.

To find the right provider for email, H.V.M.N conducted a thorough search process.

We combed reviews. We tapped confidants. We interviewed dozens of potential partners before finally realizing Rejoiner was the perfect fit.


Once selected, Rejoiner developed a strategy to ensure H.V.M.N.’s vision would be properly communicated to its customers.

We wanted to create a top-notch experience for our customers via email and saw an opportunity to communicate our brand, products, and mission to customers with our email channel. We turned to Rejoiner to lead not only the technical aspects of the channel but the strategy as well.

While working with an external team to deliver complex projects can be difficult, Martins says working with H.V.M.N.'s dedicated success team at Rejoiner has been seamless.

Project management from Rejoiner's side is always timely, courteous, professional and efficient. We meet weekly, and they're always available. Feedback was always implemented quickly. We have a relationship with Rejoiner where our creative process is an open dialogue; we communicate and iterate to make the best possible projects.

And while Rejoiner handles the designing, developing, sending, and reporting on H.V.M.N.’s emails, Martins believes Rejoiner’s help with a strategy may be the biggest asset to H.V.M.N.

They are responsible, obviously, for all the technical aspects of the email create but I cannot speak enough about their ability to inform our email strategy. While that wasn't illustrated explicitly in the scope of work, it's something invaluable to our email channel currently.

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Who is HVMN?

H.V.M.N. is a biotechnology company that specializes in nutritional products for the US Military, professional athletes, and everyone in between.

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