Email has seen a 42% CAGR, and a 15X ROI


In 2016, Big Chill was looking for outside help to manage the vast majority of its email marketing channel. They went through the process of vetting several vendors and during the search one goal became clear.

Our goal was to see positive ROI and regular, consistent improvement within the email channel.


Since choosing Rejoiner, Frei has worked closely with Big Chill’s dedicated success team at Rejoiner and says:

I find they are the easiest of all of my agency partners to work with. They have strong project management but are able to be quick and nimble.

This partnership has paid off for Big Chill as its email-attributed revenue has increased 285% and over 25% of its site revenue now comes from email, making it the #3 source of last-click revenue.

The strategic approach and consistently strong creative are most impressive. They are always a joy to work alongside.

Customer Showcase

Big Chill

Kitchen Appliances
Boulder, Colorado

Who is Big Chill?

Big Chill Appliances is a kitchen appliance company that specializes in beautifully designed retro appliances with modern technology.

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