Rejoiner increased email-attributed revenue by 130%


Bavsound was looking for an email solution that would improve their communication with customers and maximize customer value over a full lifecycle.

We chose Rejoiner over other providers because Rejoiner looked like they could handle every aspect of what we were trying to accomplish. They also had far more experience, expertise, and resources available than someone we could try to find and hire internally.


Since 2014, Rejoiner has increased Bavsound’s email-attributed revenue by 130%. Once Cranman selected Rejoiner, he was instantly impressed.

Their team first mapped the customer journey, identifying stages that customers may occupy at any given point. They then provided a fully-managed service with a platform, content, and marketing structures. Rejoiner leads ongoing campaigns for each stage so we’re always in touch with our customers. We’ve entirely outsourced that part of our business to the Rejoiner team.

Over the past three years, Bavsound’s dedicated success team at Rejoiner has worked closely with Cranman. Bi-weekly calls are held to discuss current campaign results and formulate future campaigns.

Our bi-weekly sessions with Rejoiner are immensely helpful for bouncing ideas back and forth. Thanks to their data, we can test new marketing ideas and see how well they work quickly, letting us maximize our results and revenue.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Who is Bavsound?

Bavsound is an online retailer of automotive accessories. Micah Cranman founded the company in Atlanta in 2004.

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