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Tap into proprietary insights from 11+ years of retention marketing work, 500+ ecommerce client engagements, and billions of messages sent.

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How the audit works

Schedule a 15-minute assessment:
Let's chat so we can get a clear picture of your current challenges and objectives.
Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA):
By signing an NDA, we ensure that your data and business insights remain protected.
Share access to your marketing tools:
Grant us limited access to your ESP so we can perform a deep dive into your strategies and metrics.
Receive an 8-10 page audit deliverable:
After our comprehensive analysis, you'll get a detailed report highlighting a mix of high-level strategy suggestions, along with specific tactical adjustments.

What the audit covers


Measures how often emails hit the inbox versus the spam folder, influenced by factors like sender reputation and content quality.

Email Authentication

Checks protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) to ensure your emails are recognized as genuine and not marked as fraudulent.

Subscriber Acquisition

Assesses the methods used to gain new email subscribers, ensuring effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Automation Strategy

Reviews your automated email sequences to ensure comprehensive coverage across the entire subscriber lifecycle, from welcome to winback, optimizing touchpoints at every lifecycle stage.

Broadcast Strategy

Evaluates the creative, content, layout, audience structure, frequency and results of your regular broadcast sends.


Examines how your email list is segmented based on purchase behavior and engagement, ensuring tailored content delivery and maintaining a healthy, responsive subscriber base.

Who you’ll be working with

Mike Arsenault
Founder & CEO at Rejoiner

With a decade of experience in crafting tailored retention strategies for DTC ecommerce brands, Mike is a trusted partner in growing customer lifetime value using email, SMS and direct mail.

He's not just an expert in retention; Mike is also a seasoned marketing technologist who has dedicated his career to building SaaS martech solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

Mike has collaborated with renowned brands such as Footjoy, Titleist, Momentous, Native, Hydroflask, OXO, Guthy Renker, Hearst Media, Humanscale, Knoll/Miller, Triumph, Shout Factory, A.T. Cross, H.V.M.N, and many more.

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100% Free. No Strings Attached.

Rejoiner's audit was extremely helpful in pointing our attention to potential upside in areas that were thus far unexplored in our program. Rejoiner acknowledged the things that are working well in the program and focused on the untapped potential projects that exist deeper below the surface. With a mature and successful program like ours many of the basics are already covered, deeper analysis is needed to continue to scale and Rejoiner provided a plan to support that growth.

Chris Gordon
Retention Lead

Paul Benegiri Case Study

Rejoiner’s initial audit is incredibly insightful. They focus on both the low hanging fruit of things we can do right off the bat to immediately see improvements in email automation performance as well as develop long term strategies for improvements across both automations and campaigns.

Ariana Beavers
Manager of ecommerce and Digital Marketing

Paul Benegiri Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the audit process typically take from start to finish?

The entire audit process is streamlined to be completed within 5 business days, ensuring you receive timely insights and recommendations for your email marketing strategy.

What's the ROI of the audit?

Our email audit requires just 45 minutes of your time: a 15-minute initial call and a 30-minute results presentation. In return, you gain actionable insights for enhanced email engagement and potential revenue growth. With no direct costs, the upside is infinite; you receive strategies to boost your email marketing without any audit fees, maximizing your ROI with minimal time commitment.

How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of our data during the audit?

To prioritize and safeguard your data's confidentiality, we initiate the process by signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Furthermore, within Rejoiner, access to your data is strictly limited to only designated team members, ensuring both security and discretion throughout the audit.

Once we receive the audit recommendations, what's the next step?

After you've reviewed the audit recommendations, we'll discuss how Rejoiner is equipped to help you execute on them. Whether you need a full-service creative partner, deliverability consulting, ESP migration, or just a point in the right direction, the audit deliverable is yours to keep.