Meet Rejoiner 2

“You guys have been quiet over there…”

A long-time customer recently wrote me. She found and hired us because of a piece of content I had written last year.

I cringed.

The truth is we’ve been radio silent. For seven months.

Pay per click ads? Turned off.

Email newsletter? Haven’t sent since May 2018.

New articles, guides, or case studies? None.

Twitter feed? Neglected.


In late 2016, we admitted that the first generation of our application was not the foundation, from a technology standpoint, that would carry the company forward.

Luckily, we overcame shortcomings of the platform with the strong financial return generated by our strategy and creative work.

We have the luxury of being judged on an outcome that is very close to the cash register, so we’ve continued to retain customers and generate substantial revenues even though our core application was far from perfect.

Behind the scenes, we’ve spent the last two years completely reinventing the Rejoiner platform, from scratch.

Our team jokes that we’ve been building a car while sitting in the driver seat going 100 MPH.

We’ve continued to support the email marketing programs of hundreds of retailers day in and day out while building an entirely new platform alongside our old one.

The last six months have been spent on refining, tuning, testing, and optimizing that new platform.

Introducing, Rejoiner 2.

One SaaS solution equipped to power the entire email stack for any online retailer.

For the last 5+ years, B2C retail brands like GUESS, Triumph, Titleist and A.T. Cross have held us accountable for growing their email channel.

If we failed, we got fired.

We quickly learned how not to fail.

But we also inadvertently became an agency first, SaaS product second.

This was not the business we set out to start, but the one we had to embrace to sustain the company, protect our client relationships from competition, and to formulate our vision of what the future of messaging will look like for retail brands.

We uncovered hidden product requirements, true user motivations, and nuanced edge cases by getting our hands dirty. Let’s just say we’ve learned a lot and have incorporated all of this learning into the new platform.

Armed with a crystal clear product vision, we took product development back from an outsourced firm and a built a small, but amazingly productive in-house team of engineers. This team ships more high-quality product than groups I’ve previously worked with that were 5x their size.

Rejoiner 2 is born from deeply understanding what is required for an online retail brand to derive maximum return on investment from the email channel. 

This insight combined with some of the most talented email-focused creative folks in the business catalyzes a unique solution for our clients.

The results almost always speak for themselves.

After much hard work, I’m very proud to share what’s new in Rejoiner 2.

Journey Builder

Mission control for your automated marketing programs. With an intuitive drag and drop user experience, non-technical marketers can build automated marketing workflows with precision and confidence. Branch, split, tag, make decisions and test every facet of your customer journey.

Visual Email Builder

Create beautiful emails without knowing a lick of HTML/CSS. Anyone on your team can now contribute content to your email program, without risking template degradation or off-brand design decisions.

Advanced Email Builder

The email builder for power users. Systemize re-usable components of your brands as “global” snippets and deploy them across any piece of email creative in the account. Version control enables quick reverts if template code doesn’t behave.

Customer Profiles

A single source of truth for how every individual customer interacts with your email channel. Profiles store everything a customer does on site, every email they’ve ever received, every action they’ve ever taken, and every journey they’ve experienced. The goal is to provide unparalleled transparency into why the technology is making decisions, at the customer level.

New Workflow Triggers

Trigger automated marketing programs based on catalog changes like back in stock, low stock, price change and new product additions. Trigger-based on customer score changes, entry or exit from purchase cohorts, based on tag application or removal, and anniversaries.

Audience Builder

Segment your customer lists based on 80+ dimensions of demographic, on-site behavioral, historical purchase, email engagement, and transactional characteristics to create relevance and drive conversion.

Report Builder

Explore your campaign performance data instead of being tied down by prescriptive reporting interfaces. Zoom out and get a picture of how the email channel is impacting your business from a macro view. Then zoom in to gain an understanding of how specific triggers, journey, and audiences are affecting your bottom line. Finally, drill down to individual pieces of creative and how each element of your email creative is driving revenue.

Our Team

I’d also like to share some thoughts on the culture we’re building here.

Our team has humble ambitions.

We’re a bootstrapped, remote-first company currently doing our work in 11 different US states and on three different continents. You’ll interact with our team from their co-working spaces, home offices, coffee shops, kitchen tables, and back porches. Most of us have families with kids (the human and furry kind) at home.

We all have vibrant passions outside of marketing technology and eCommerce.

We believe that putting in a hard day’s work means getting to spend time with our kids after 5 PM. We don’t stress about answering email on the weekends. We’re not out to hustle or die or any of the other bullshit startup people say.

Without question, we go above and beyond to deliver for our clients and strive to build world-class technology, but we reach for these goals in a way that supports healthy lives, marriages, and relationships outside of the company.

Our vision has always been to build a sustainable, profitable company that enables the smartest email marketers and technologists on the planet to live life on their terms.

Our company exists to provide freedom to those people, as much it exists to help our customers find success.

Whether you’re a current customer, a retailer considering our solution, or a potential co-worker, we couldn’t be more excited about where this journey leads next.