Finally! Rejoiner Integrates with Zapier: 5 Zap Ideas You Can Use Today

Mike Arsenault
July 19, 2021
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Rejoiner now integrates with Zapier!

The integration gives our clients the power to send Rejoiner data to hundreds of other apps to automate their workflow and grow their businesses.

In this post, we’ll discuss 5 ways eCommerce companies can use the new Rejoiner and Zapier integration.

Why is Zapier awesome

If you’re not already familiar with them, Zapier acts as middleware between 500+ of the most popular SaaS applications (and eCommerce platforms too). The core of premise of their product can be summarized as:

“If trigger occurs in App A, take action in App B.”

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of one-off feature requests where clients have asked for integrations with other SaaS apps they use. We’re excited to share that almost all of these requests are now covered by this new integration.

What you can do with the new Zapier and Rejoiner integration

Keep unsubscribes synced between Rejoiner and other email vendors

In many instances, online retailers are using Rejoiner in combination with some other newsletter software like MailChimp or Emma. This presents a challenge in that it becomes cumbersome to keep your lists up to date – especially for recent opt-outs. Our Zapier integration eliminates this challenge by providing two way syncing capabilities for new subscribers and unsubscribes. Say goodbye to manual list uploads.


1) Check Zapier to see if they support your email vendor.

2) Set up a new list in your Rejoiner account for third-party email vendor opt-outs.


3) Set up a new Zap for your email vendor that sends new unsubscribes to your Rejoiner list.


4) Add a filter to your Rejoiner campaigns so that customers on the list are suppressed from active lifecycle campaigns.


Send SMS & email alerts for high value abandoned transactions

For eCommerce businesses with strong in-house sales teams, the new integration enables you to send segmented email and SMS alerts when high value transactions are abandoned on your site. If you have salespeople who focus in specific product categories or sell specific brands, this can be a great way to connect high intent purchasers with the salespeople on your team who have the best chance to close the deal.


1) Set up Rejoiner’s abandoned cart trigger in Zapier.


2) Configure a filter so the action only fires for carts above a certain value (remember Rejoiner captures the value of carts in cents).


3) Alert your sales team via SMS when an abandoned cart occurs that meets your filter criteria.


Trigger welcome series emails for opt-ins from an exit-intent vendor

“Can you trigger an email campaign when someone completes a triggered pop up on my site?”

Yes, we sure can and the Zapier integration makes it a breeze. The integration enables you to send new subscribers (from any email vendor) to a Rejoiner list. This action can then be combined with our “New Subscriber” trigger inside of your Rejoiner account. This gives you the ability to deliver segmented triggered email campaigns to the customers who opt-in to your exit intent pop-ups. This is great way to engage customers at the beginning of their lifecycle and to win that first purchase.


1) Check Zapier to see if they support your exit-intent vendor:2) Create a new list in your Rejoiner account for exit-intent opt-ins.


3) Set up a new Zap that sends opt-ins to your Rejoiner list.


4) Use the “New Subscriber” trigger in your Rejoiner account to set up an email series that fires after a new subscriber opts-in.


Update a list when order status changes

There are some circumstances where you may want Rejoiner to know about order status changes that occur inside of your eCommerce platform. For example, you may want to suppress a welcome series for a customer that ended up returning their first purchase. Our Zapier integration makes this possible. Simply set up a zap for your eCommerce platform that adds customers to a Rejoiner list when order status changes. Set up a suppression rule in your Rejoiner “Welcome Series” segment and we’ll exclude the customers who have that order status from future campaigns.


1) Check Zapier to see if your eCommerce platform is supported.2) Set up a new list in Rejoiner to capture customers whose order statuses have changed in a way that would warrant suppression from lifecycle campaigns.


3) Create a new Zap that triggers on changes in order status in your eCommerce platform.


4) Configure a filter so that only relevant order status changes are sent to Rejoiner.5) Add a filter to your Rejoiner campaigns so that any customers on the Returned Orders List are suppressed from future lifecycle campaigns.


Send abandoned cart details to your CRM

By far, the most frequent integration request we receive is to allow for the automated export of the abandoned cart details we capture. This is now possible. You can use the Zapier integration to send abandoned cart data to Salesforce, Zoho, or any other CRM system they integrate with.


1) Set up new Zap using the Rejoiner “Contact Abandons” trigger.


2) Configure a new action in your CRM and map the relevant data from the abandoned transaction into a new CRM lead.


Start using our Zapier integration

You’ll get immediate access to our triggers and actions which you can learn more about by reading through our full documentation.

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