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Improving Repeat Purchases: What's your revenue opportunity?

Find out what would happen if more customers purchased twice

Provide a few financial data points and see the potential revenue impact of working with Rejoiner.

How much revenue do you derive from new customers on an annual basis?

Out of every 100 buyers, what percentage return to make a second purchase?

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Variable costs fluctuate with your sales and operations but are not related to marketing, i.e. COGS, shipping, payment processing, customer service, returns, etc.

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Currently, 25 out of every 100 customers repeat. These customers generate $250,000 in annual revenue.
A 5% improvement in retention would yield 5 incremental repeat purchasers per 100 customers.
Annually, this improvement would produce $50,000 in incremental revenue.
After accounting for variable costs you should invest no more than $25,000 in achieving this improvement.
Your estimated Rejoiner platform cost would be $6,450, based on list size. This would yield estimated ROI of 23x, assuming $150K of annual contribution margin after the 5% improvement.
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