Rejoiner powers the email channel for:
Peak Design

Make email your most valuable marketing channel

Unify your customer data

Rejoiner provides a centralized datastore for purchase, browse, and engagement data.

Segment your audience

Organize your customers with segments that update dynamically based on customer behavior.

Personalize messages 1 to 1

Make product recommendations specific to the individual subscriber's past purchase or on-site behavior.

Features to help you grow email revenue by 30% or more

Create an experience and help customers engage with your brand more effectively using specialized tools for every step of the journey.

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Unified customer database

Create complete profiles for every subscriber in one central hub, allowing for better segmentation decisions and the delivery of more targeted emails.

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No-code email builder

Drag-n-drop your most complex marketing automation ideas into reality and build sophisticated, on-brand emails with ease.

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Dynamic segmentation

Whether targeting or sunsetting, find the exact customers you're looking for using our intuitive segment builder—no matter the criteria.

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A/B testing

No more guessing—test your way to revenue growth through individual emails, entire journey branches, or broadcasts.

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Email personalization

Give every customer a reason to convert with personalized recommendations based on purchase history and browsing data.

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Revenue reporting

Build custom attribution models and reporting views with the metrics you care about and easily tie revenue and engagement back to specific customers.

See why our customers love us

Robbie Williams

I'm not really sure what we would have done without Rejoiner these past 2.5 years as a business. We have leaned heavily on them for their incredibly easy-to-use platform and team of experts. Their team truly feels like an extension of our own.

- Sara Hendershot, Director of Marketing
Paul Benegiri Case Study
Adam Saraceno

Rejoiner is super responsive, super hands on, always willing to work with us to find solutions when there isn't one out of the box… That is something, especially for bigger marketing vendors, that is completely unfathomable.

- Adam Saraceno, CMO
Paul Benegiri Case Study

Turn email into your top source of revenue

Keep customer data organized, trigger marketing at the right time, and gain clarity on what drives an increase in customer lifetime value. Get all that—and more—with Rejoiner.

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